Silver partner: Vastuu Group

Share, trust, and value. We can create a new way of living, working, and doing business that is sustainable by adopting technology in a human-centric and ethical way. Vastuu Group has been leading the effort of trusted data sharing between different stakeholders from the public and private sectors since 2007. The second focus area came in 2013 when the need for Social Identities arose. We help to solve the complexities around a balanced work-life relationship between the employer, employee, and the social structure that ties these together.

In 2016 we started a new chapter when we broadened our focus to human-centric service design in line with EU legislation, values, and norms. The creation of MyData and Data Space services came into picture adding two new business areas on top of the existing services: MyDataShare focusing on permission management and distributed privacy, and Platform of Trust focusing on data harmonization, linking and utilization.

Today, we strongly believe in and use ecosystem sensitive approaches matching the real-life needs of the societies in order to realise the benefits of European Data Economy. That is the main reason why we are a proud member of such organisations like MyData Global, International Data Spaces and GAIA-X. We are open for collaboration and looking for new trials and errors, pilots and demonstrators that will eventually change the world.

As Finland’s first MyData operator Vastuu Group aims to break the direction where personal data is scattered in segregated systems and individuals have no visibility on their data.

Twitter: @vastuugroup

Partner sessions

16:4518:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec
Building the human-centric european skil… Session Room 14
14:4515:45 UTC+0 | Saturday 12 Dec
Functional cities, cases from Helsinki h… Session Room 1 Organizer: Vastuu Group
16:4518:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec
Personal Data Store Inter-Operability Session Room 13

Partner presenters

Fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital societies are only achieved by cooperating among large amount of different stakeholders and ecosystems.

– Mika Huhtamäki, Executive Vice President, Vastuu Group

Partner interview

What will your MyData Online 2020 presentation be about?

This year we are focusing on Skills Data, Operator Interoperability and practical use cases.

Why did you decide to partner with this unique conference? What’s the added value?

We strongly believe that by supporting MyData Community we are able to reach better outcomes than working alone. Fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital societies are only achieved by cooperating among large amount of different stakeholders and ecosystems. It is very appealing to make it happen and to see the gradual shift from formal to actionable and from protection to empowerment.

What are you looking forward to most about the conference?

The numerous insights and inspiration that are on the agenda. Also, building the community forward towards practical projects, pilots and demonstrations within different themes and consortium inside the community.

Where will MyData be in 5 years?

The shift has taken place gradually and more and more rights are actionable, data empowerment is happening practically. A strong community drives the development to the right direction, more balanced conditions for innovation to thrive. MyData Global has shown thought leadership around a more democratic and sustainable data economy towards better services for citizens benefit.