Petri Tuomela

Network Lead: Digital Employment project, Vastuu Group

During the Digital Employment project, networking related to continuous learning and employment was started in the real estate and construction sector. The aim of the networking is to enhance the attractiveness of the sector, promote continuous learning and employment, and improve the quality of construction.

As part of the networking, the Reliable Worker service was conceptualised especially to narrow the gap between the demand and supply, enable easier job seeking, and quicken the recruitment process in the real estate and construction sector.

The Reliable Worker service uses MyData capabilities that enable jobseekers to import, into the service, verified information concerning themselves from various sources and to create a professional profile based on this data. After this, jobseekers can give permission for adding their profile to various working life services, such as job search and employment services and the HR and recruitment systems of their employer.

Petri Tuomela can be seen in:

Functional cities, cases from Helsinki h... Session Room 1
14:45-15:45 UTC+0 | Saturday 12 Dec