Mikko Sierla

International Affairs, Vastuu Group

Mikko Sierla is responsible for International Affairs at Vastuu Group, a Finnish SME developing solutions for the emerging data economy. He believes in data-sensitive ecosystems and the creation of European Data Economy and Data Spaces.

He is motivated and striving for the principles of share, trust, and value. Also, the Vastuu Group’s values are present in everyday work: courage, respect, and humanity. It is possible to create a new way of living, working, and doing business that is sustainable by adopting technology in a human-centric and ethical way.

Vastuu Group has been leading the effort of trusted data sharing between different stakeholders from the public and private sectors since 2007. The second focus area came in 2013 when the need for Social Identities arose. We help to solve the complexities around a balanced work-life relationship between the employer, employee, and the social structure that ties these together.




Mikko Sierla can be seen in:

Functional cities, cases from Helsinki h... Session Room 1
14:45-15:45 UTC+0 | Saturday 12 Dec