Functional cities, cases from Helsinki high schools

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Mikko Sierla


Session Room 1


14:45 - 15:45 UTC+0 | Saturday 12 Dec


Vastuu Group






Presenters: Anna Rantapero-Laine, Jukka Lehtoranta, Petri Tuomela

Session host: Mikko Sierla

Goal: The main goal of this session is to demonstrate and elaborate on a study conducted by the city of Helsinki about MyData in the high school. For this session the focus is on youth, the future decision makers who have been interviewed on how they would utilize personal data.

Description: The city of Helsinki has been leading the efforts of utilizing personal data for the benefit of the citizens. In this session we are introducing the research findings and innovation needs that came out from the Helsinki high school students and the upcoming opportunity within Helsinki Educational Hub. We also elaborate on the learner’s journey into world and how learning and working go hand in hand.
– What high school students know about MyData
– What electronic services they use
– How they react to the use of data

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