Business <3 MyData – Fair Data Criteria as a Tool for Competitiveness and Trust

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Katri Korhonen


Session Room 9


14:45 - 16:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec








Presenters: Jaana Sinipuro, Jyrki Suokas, Raija Laukkanen, Liz Brandt, Maija Nikula, Kim Hurtta

Session host: Katri Korhonen

Goal: Session introduces a new way of measuring company capabilities and maturity to operate in the fair data economy. The attendees will leave this interactive session with a better understanding on ethical use of data and inspiration to transform their business towards a fair data economy.

Description: Is it possible to be successful in making business with data and respect the rights of an individual at the same time? What are the concrete steps a company can take to create new services by collecting, sharing and using data in a fair way?

Sitra’s IHAN project, together with Gartner, is working on criteria and a maturity model according to which organisations should operate in a fair data economy. The criteria is meant for organisations that want to have a competitive advantage with the fair use of data and are also interested in the tools that can make it happen.

Which direction should this criteria take for it to be most useful to your organisation in the near future? We look forward to hearing your views as well as your suggestions for further development.