Katri Korhonen

Sitra, Specialist

Katri Korhonen works as a Specialist at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. Sitra is “a think, do and connect tank” that collaborates with partners from different sectors to trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future. In the IHAN® – Fair data economy project, Katri builds awareness of how companies benefit from fair data economy and supports the technical development community of the project.

Katri has ten years of experience as a project coordinator in the ICT sector and consumer products. She has also done research into the culture of experimentation and has nuanced understanding of crowdsourcing and user participation.

Katri holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and master’s degree in social sciences.

Katri Korhonen can be seen in:

Business <3 MyData – Fair Data Criter... Session Room 9
14:45-16:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec