Aligning National Initiatives Across Borders

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Chris Lee


Session Room 2


06:45 - 08:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec






Presenters: Byungkon Kim, Soonho Jang, Eun Jin Koo, Mili Ko, Mehdi Medjaoui, Adrian Gropper, Matthias De Bievre, Olivier Dion

Session host: Chris Lee

Goal: This session will be a stage for bringing together multiple perspectives on MyData initiatives. We aim to provide our audience with an understanding of the thinking behind government agencies that are trying to develop human-centric ecosystems on a national level, and engage them in a discussion on creating synergy between government, business, citizens, and the tech that connects them.

Description: Korea has undergone sweeping legal infrastructure changes this year. The main goal of these changes: establish human-centricity in the data industry. The Korea Data Agency is a Korean government agency that has been facilitating the growth of Korea’s data industry. They have funded over 20 million dollars to 20+ personal data pilot projects in the last three years.

Our session will begin with a brief introduction to Korea’s personal data ecosystem focusing on the BLTS aspects that Korea Data Agency has been working on establishing, and the challenges they have encountered in the process. Following the presentation, we will invite three panelists – a policy officer of the EU, a thought leader from the MyData Operators thematic group, and an industry player – to speak about their perspectives of how these challenges could be addressed and share their thinking about the role of government in promoting MyData. Our entire session will be open to our audience for questions and comments.