Olivier Dion

CEO, Onecub

Pioneer and expert in personal data & data portability for 10y (VRM, MyData, MesInfos). Active with the French CNIL. Speaker at international conferences (IAPP, MyData, IGF, EU Commission events). Advised the French Government on portability, participates in WEF work on data code of conduct.

Olivier teaches innovation at ULCO Calais and Dunkerque where he has been developing the startup ecosystem since 2014.

Based on its experience in CRM and open data, Olivier founded Onecub in 2011 to empower people with their data.

He co-founded aNewGovernance in 2019 to unite people and organizations globally around his mission. He leads the Mobility Alliance inside aNewGovernance in order to federate players of the mobility sector for personal data sharing infrastructure building.


Olivier Dion can be seen in:

Aligning National Initiatives Across Bor... Session Room 2
06:45-08:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec
Sustainable Self-Sovereign Agents Session Room 17
22:45-00:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec