UX Blueprint: Design the MyData Operator

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Marie-José Hoefmans


Session Room 7


08:45 - 10:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec






Presenters: Koen Evers, Peter EikelboomMarlies RikkenLiesbeth Hijink, Mike Alders

Session host: Marie-José Hoefmans

Goal: A common understanding and alignment of the User Experience (UX) of a MyDataOperator: user-flow, functions, screens and interactions. The output of the session is the start of an online community with a common UX Library with best UX-practices and design-components for MyDataOperator designers & builders.

Description: The goal of MyData is to enable users to have control again over their own personal data. Control means the ability to share data with consent for a specific reason and for a specific period. Users should always have an overview over all their data and an overview over what data they have disclosed to what parties, for what reason and what period. And they should be able to withdraw that disclosure. The enabler of this control is the MyData Operator. There is a lot of discussions and thinking about the technical solution of the MyData Operator. There is less thinking about the User Experience of the MyData Operator. While the UX is as important for the user adoption and interoperability of the MyData Operator. Only an easy to use MyData Operator will be adopted in society and used in business. Therefore it is important to work on a UX-blueprint next to a Technical-blueprint.