Mike Alders

UX Lead, City of Amsterdam (via Informaat)

Mike Alders has a background in Industrial Design Engineering and has over 25 years of experience with UX Design in both governmental and business environments. Since 2006 Mike is UX Designer at Informaat Experience Design.

In April 2019 Mike joined the Digital Identity Team at the City of Amsterdam. He created an UX concept design for an Identity Manager for Amsterdam.

Later that year Mike was asked to become product owner to implement this UX concept in a new release of the IRMA app. IRMA released the new app in June this year. IRMA is produced and run by the Privacy by Design Foundation in close cooperation with SIDN.

Today Mike is involved is creating applications using digital identity. He initiates, designs and implements solutions for the inhabitants of Amsterdam in which authentication using IRMA and other digital identity managers is applied.

In March this year Mike Alders shared the design process of the new IRMA app and gave a live demo of the beta version in a session at the MyData spring meeting, in cooperation with Peter Eikelboom (Volksbank) and Marie-José Hoefmans (Schluss).


Mike Alders can be seen in:

UX Blueprint: Design the MyData Operator Session Room 7
08:45-10:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec