Storage or not storage, how a real life MyData public service deals the question

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Maria Inés Leal


Session Room 2


06:45 - 08:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec






Presenters: Maria Inés Leal, Nicolas Pernoud, Benjamin André

Session host: Sarah Medjek

Goal: Share and inspire other cities to take Mydata standards, technologies, ethics and principles to create a new citizen-institution relationship.
– Show a real My data Public service story and a demo of the services deployed.
– Expand on the Data governance: storage or not storage
– Explain the deployment strategy and how Lyon Metropole promotes the development of a local My Data ecosystem

Description: Lyon Metropole is pursuing the My data innovative paradigm that empowers individuals to access and manage their personal data. By definition, a public actor has no other interests than the common good and general interest. This is why Lyon Métropole provides My Data as a public service and encourages a local ecosystem to develop and promote these values.
Indeed, after a successful experiment from 2016 to 2018 driven by the FING, Lyon Metropole strives to design MyData centred services as close as possible to the citizens’ needs :
– Ecolyo, an app that allows you to visualize your gas, water and electricity consumption in order to trim your bills, using challenges and gamification to involve users.
– Pilote: mon suivi MDM : a dashboard to follow administrative tasks in a social context, space where the user can gather his personal data in order to make administrative paperwork easier.

Through this session, Lyon Metropole and Cozy Cloud will share key questions of how to implement My data as a public service :
– Storage or not storage: Data governance
– Real case studies
– New economic models
– A strategy to develop a My data ecosystem
There will be open discussions, practical examples and hopefully some answers.