Maria Inés Leal

My Data Product Owner, Lyon Metropole

Digital Innovation project manager in personal data and digital identity in Lyon Métropole France.

A Mexican national, she holds an Innovation, design, entrepreneurship & Arts Masters degree from EMLyon and Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

In a rapidly changing world where technological innovation alone is not enough to meet society’s needs and disruptive opportunities but she believes in human centered methodologies to create new experiences. She believes in co-creation and empowering people into actors and creators of social change.

“My Data” projects in Lyon Metropole hold this vision, let the citizen regain their data. Empowering the user and providing services that respect users’ digital rights, to make their life easier and bring together a change in our digital society.

Maria Inés Leal can be seen in:

Storage or not storage, how a real life ... Session Room 2
06:45-08:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec