Plenary: Scaling the personal data economy

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Julian Ranger


Main Stage


05:00 - 06:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec






Presenter: Florian Werner, Sari Stenfors

Host: Julian Ranger

Description: Over the past few years we have witnessed regulators tightening data protection laws, consumers becoming increasingly conscious of their data, industries being built around the sharing of specific data sets (e.g., open banking), and start-ups developing platforms to facilitate the exchange of data. But what does it take to scale the personal data ecosystem?

In this session, Florian Werner will discuss about
– How do we engage individuals, and what are the use cases that can attract millions of users?
– What are the right models for a value exchange that allows everyone to benefit?
– And who do we trust to facilitate the ecosystem to bring all of the stakeholders together?

Sari Stenfors will furthermore invite you to a guided journey, using Futures Thinking to envision how different business strategies, policies and actions implemented in the personal data ecosystem can pave the path towards the Desirable Future. Which incentives are needed to create such a future? What kind of leadership and decision-making will be crucial in the years to come?

Session recording and presentations below