Florian Werner

VP, Product Development, New Data Ecosystems, Mastercard

Florian Werner is VP of Product Development within Mastercard Data & Services.

Florian has 20+ years in consulting and financial services and spend the last few years focusing on Mastercard’s data strategy, following clear privacy-by-design principles.

In his current role, Florian is developing global solutions powered by people-centric data ecosystems
that empower individuals to take control of their data and benefit from it.

Florian believes that data will fuel the next century of innovation and that the individual is the key to the
new thriving and just data paradigm, but that it will require responsible businesses and forward-thinking
governments to lead it to scale and global acceptance.

Florian has been a key contributor to Mastercard’s Data Responsibility Principles.


Florian Werner can be seen in:

Plenary: Scaling the personal data econo... Main Stage
05:00-06:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec