MyData Principles in IoT

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Joss Langford


Session Room 6


08:45 - 10:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec






Presenters: Freyja Van den BoomJakub KlodwigJohn Izaguirre, Gloria WuJoss Langford

Session host: Joss Langford

– help people realize that data produced by wearable devices may significantly improve whole sectors of services but pose risks to privacy protection, and also security of data subjects;
– discuss the legal limits of personal data processing and the need for a higher standard protecting privacy;
– raise awareness about people’s rights as personal data subjects and possible actions they could take;
– present a new emerging solution at the intersection of digital identity for the automobile industry built with blockchain technology;
– highlight problems of exchange big data masses between cars, IoT devices, and people networks.

Description: Session will focus on data generating through use of wearable electronics, connected cars and other connected devices, which interact and communicate with each other. We would like to spread discussion on how to govern such data in a way that balances the interest for privacy with the interest for innovation in a regime which focuses less on individual consent and more on the regulation of permissible and prohibited uses of personal data, protecting individuals.