Vero Estrada-Galinanes

Vero Estrada-Galiñanes is an established international researcher with close ties to EU/EEA, Japan, North and Latin America.
She is a senior member of the UiS Resilient Systems Lab in Norway and collaborator with various non-profit international organizations based in Switzerland and the USA (Lecturers without borders, Open Humans, Fair Data Society & Ethereum Swarm).

She obtained her PhD diploma from University of Neuchatel, Switzerland (2017) with a thesis on data protection mechanisms against failures affecting digital storage systems. Her main research interests are distributed information systems and their applications to empower individuals, communities and societies with FAIR data.

She promotes interdisciplinary research collaborations and engages in the intersection that occur between humans and machines to include the socio-technical and ethical perspectives in the design/development /maintenance of distributed systems.

Vero Estrada-Galinanes can be seen in:

Future of data sovereignty Session Room 6
08:45-10:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec