M Celine Takatsuno

Founder | Advisor, Gracepoint | Proxipost | HIE of One

M Celine Takatsuno is the founder of Gracepoint, Inc., which guides strategic development and tactical execution in growing organizations. She is presently immersed in design and discovery for data privacy tools Proxipost, a new intentcast for ecommerce, and CareTrustee, a personal health information service for carers and patients. Her background crosses industries and sectors: from co-founding Atlas of Caregiving, a research project studying the lived experience of US caregivers, to launching SocialCoding4Good at Benetech, a platform connecting developers with open source contribution opportunities. Previously, she led global business and partnership teams for industry pioneers in online marketing, media, and search technology. Celine is an advisor/director for companies including Grantbook, HIE of One, and Unwrapit, and serves as board president for the nonprofit Family Caregiver Alliance.

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