Jonathan Kempe

Founder | CEO, Verifai

I am a technical founder with 20 years of experience as a systems administrator across a broad array of technical disciplines. I have held a number of diverse roles over my working life: from senior positions in large corporations, to founding and running small businesses, holding trusted roles in nationally accredited NFPs and NGOs, working in an (Australian Defense Force endorsed) satellite communications provider, and more recently as a Startup Founder.

I am a NSW (Australia) CyberSecurity Ambassador, and connected into a number of Startups in Australia and abroad. I meet regularly with internationally recognized supply-chain and cybersecurity leaders from countries all over the world, to discuss technological transformation, global trade and supply-chain resilience.

I have a passion for creatively solving complex problems, working alongside like-minded individuals to build real solutions that positively transform the world.

Jonathan Kempe can be seen in:

Plenary: Designing the new normal: India... Main Stage
05:00-06:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec