The majority of the programme is now published! You can find it here: online2020.mydata.org/programme

After four years of successful MyData conferences and many more years of deepening and sharing the MyData knowhow within the personal data ecosystem, questions arise

  • How do we scale the existing models of ethical data sharing across industries? 
  • Which ground rules and agreements need to be made and who will sustain them? 
  • How do we ensure these developments won’t be applied only by the digitally savvy and economically privileged?
  • How can a human-centric approach to personal data mitigate the global challenges, like climate crisis, pandemics, racial injustice etc?

MyData Online 2020 Conference will bring together more than 150 high-quality presenters from all around the world to share their expertiseanswers to these questions. 

During the 3 days of conference, you will have the chance to:

  • Hear from world-leading experts during 8 plenary sessions sharing light on topics like purpose-driven data use, scaling personal data economy, data governance, standardisation & interoperability, among others
  • Listen and discuss with personal data professionals during 36 breakout sessions, that elevate questions around MyData in the context of Cities, Internet of Things, education as well as climate crisis; human-centric governance; MyData Operators, it’s journey towards interoperability, and business models, Digital Identity, Data Sovereignty and others.
  • See exciting demos during 9 demo lounge sessions,
  • Spend the quality time during the networking breaks and at social events,
  • And bring up your topics and questions for discussion and collaboration in Open Space.

What does “Radical collaboration for designing the new normal” mean?

The past year has highlighted many of the strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats about the current use of personal data and our capacity to empower individuals and societies with personal data. 

This has created the momentum to bring change to the current approach to the way personal data is used, and work towards making transparency and human-centricity as the new normal in data practices and policies. 

In order to move towards that vision, we need to collaborate – across sectors, disciplines, and perspectives. We need to engage diversity of voices from all around the globe to enable better and more creative problem solving. An online conference can foster this radical collaboration more than ever before. 

Why to focus on storytelling?

While the programme is built upon unique contributions, each of those are developed around stories from the bigger narrative of MyData – human-centric approach to personal data. We do this to find common ground and establish shared language. Stories that are relatable and clearly describe the value one can bring, can unite a wide range of stakeholders around a common vision. Especially, if it’s positioned around a bigger narrative.

The individual sessions at MyData Online 2020 will share stories about real use cases and innovative solutions that put the individual in the centre of their data. Each of those shine light either on the front- or backside of these developments, or even both. What does that mean?

  • FRONTSIDE: The experiences that a human-centric approach to personal data would bring to the individual and to the society. How it would change the future and create a new normal for the ways how personal data is used.
  • BACKSIDE: everything that will need to be developed and applied in the real world in order to achieve that future. That includes having collaborators and partners to work with, data that can be transferred from one service to another, standards and certifications, business models, technical infrastructures – you name it. 

We want to accelerate change towards a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society, where the sharing of personal data is based on trust as well as balanced and fair relationships between individuals, communities and organisations. 

MyData Online 2020 Conference is the place to collaborate and “make it happen, make it right”!

And the social programme?

On Thursday and Friday we will organise the social programme in all of the three regional time zones. Building on the best traditions of the MyData conferences, we want MyData Online 2020 to be social and fun. We understand that at the end of 2020 people will be tired with online interaction and we hope to bring a human sparkle to the virtual world. 

On Thursday, 10 December the whole world celebrates the International Day of Human Rights and the social activities will be built around this theme. 

Friday, 11 December will be a FunDay, with music and joy. 

Additionally, we will offer the other occasions to hang out together in the Gardens of our Virtual Venue and chat rooms and joint yoga classes.  But that’s not all! The social programme is being developed, so stay tuned for the updates! 

Book the time from your calendar already now! ↓↓↓