Tailoring ethical learning technology

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Jana Pejoska


Session Room 3


06:45 - 08:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec






Presenters: Minna VäsarainenTanja Välisalo, Juri Mets, Merja Bauters

Session host: Jana Pejoska

Goal: The main goal of this session is to identify the needs and opportunities for a digital learner through the perspectives and experiences learned from data activism in practice. We’ll facilitate a discussion around these topics with directions such as for instance:

What do you expect from online learning environments in terms of using user data?
How to use data design to learn from the users to support their learning activities?

After the session, the ideal outcome would be to have concrete acts and actions that we can implement as researchers in design for learning technology as well as for creating guidelines for best practice.

In addition, we hope that this session brings together similar minded people that can establish connections for future actions.

Description: Our whole aim is to improve our understanding of the learning technology context and the ways in which the learners relate to their data and how they would like to use it. We’d like to discuss these issues in a posthuman approach, or a more than human-centric approach which is inclusive and forward-thinking. We map this discussion in between the Mydata ecosystems and infrastructure operators and Mydata design choices. This story will be identified together with the participants. For an active engagement, we will use a fishbowl method, where the participants will be given opportunities for a rich and ad-hoc group discussion. Particular questions of interest will be also sent out through Mentimeter, an engaging and fun tool for collecting and presenting the participants’ input in real-time. In addition, for the once who need to discuss in pairs or smaller groups, we will encourage using brake-out rooms.