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Social Event


18:30 - 19:30 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec






Celebrate Friday with Karaoke – the international word for fun & entertainment. With Speech Karaoke you don’t need to sing to become a star!

Speech Karaoke is an innovative format that combines the spoken word with the world of karaoke. By performing a speech you become the person who speaks – both in good and bad. The speeches are displayed in exactly the same way as at the singing karaoke with karaoke videos. The speeches are paced according to the original performance – and the karaoke host keeps the show rolling. 

At MyDataOnline 2020 conference, you will be able to choose from the pre-selected speeches that range from Martin Luther King’s famous words to Mark Zuckerberg’s apologies, and pretty much everything in between. 

Remember to click the green button “Connect to Audio & Video” on the top right of the social event room to activate the Zoom connection and follow the session. 

How does it work?

In this event, like in any karaoke night, you can be a performer but also the cheering audience plays a major role in making a great karaoke night reality. Browse the Speech Karaoke catalogue, pick your speech and polish the boots you’re stepping into.  The speakers and the audience are welcomed to the social event of the conference on Friday at 18.30 UTC.

If you want to perform:

  1. Select the speech you want to perform from a special catalogue. 
  2. No special preparation is needed but if you like to go “all the way” e.g. by dressing up, feel free to do that!
  3. At the time of the event, come to the event space in Qiqo and activate the Zoom connection.
  4. The karaoke host will run the show.
  5. To “sign up” for the speech, simply put the number of the speech in the Zoom Chat. The host will tell when it is your turn.

If you join as the cheering audience:

  1. At the time of the event, come to the Speech Karaoke event space in Qiqo and activate the Zoom connection.
  2. Use the Zoom reactions to show your feedback to the speaker and Zoom chat to talk with the other attendees during the speeches.
  3. Keep your microphone muted during the speech but don’t hesitate to open it to share a round of applause!

Speech Karaoke is run by Speech Karaoke Action Group, a community of artists based in Helsinki. Julius Valve, the Speech Karaoke host, is a producer, composer and sound designer for media-art, films and pop music, a curator for the Helsinki-based Oksasenkatu 11 –gallery art space and a board member of the Writers and Artist Association Kiila. Outside the art world, Valve has a history of hosting Finnish karaoke with 14 years of experience. Read more about Speech Karaoke here.

The catalogue of the pre-selected speeches for MyData Online2020 conference