Social Event – Club Night with the DJ

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Ray Arkaei


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00:30 - 01:30 UTC+0 | Saturday 12 Dec






Join us for the unforgettable show with the DJ and visual artist Ray Arkaei. 

Arkaei is an audio-visual artist with a passionate drive towards achieving complete technological overkill in his performances – always with a smile 🙂
As the co-founder of Berlin’s Sample Music Festival, his mission is to provide a uniquely diverse, international platform for like-minded nerds, fostering organic exchange of knowledge and promoting the exploration of avant-garde methods among digital creatives.

He’s also the resident artist of Øredev and the Biohacker Summit with several guest appearances at festivals like Fusion or Nokta, as well as various conferences and hackathons around Europe… and thoroughly dislikes writing about himself in 3rd person, but makes fantastic coffee.

The show starts on Fri-Sat night 11 Dec at 00:30 UTC in the Social Event room in Qiqo.

More about Arkaei:

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