Social Activity – Walking meeting

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Daša Švaikovskaja


Social activity


16:15 - 16:45 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec






Walking breaks during MyData Online 2020 conference are designed to encourage you to get up from your chair and MOVE.

According to Harvard Health, even a 20-30 minute of active brisk walking offers plenty of health benefits. It:

  • increases your heart rate,
  • improves cardiac health,
  • reduces the risk of stroke,
  • alleviates fatigue – especially the “digital” one from the screen,
  • creates less stress on joints, and
  • improves mood! 

We will do it all together – just connect to the Zoom call with your phone, grab the headphones, and get out on the street or to your home yard if you can, or simply walk around your own house – everything counts!
Get these steps “in” while chatting with other participants – walking might even help to get the conversation “going”!

If connecting to Zoom does not work on your phone, connect with the computer but still try to get out from the screen. You won’t need it for anything. 🙂

The walking session will be facilitated by Daša Švaikovskaja.