Plenary: Data as a competitive advantage and control mechanism in the platform economy

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Riikka Kämppi


Main Stage


13:00 - 14:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec






Presenters: Sangeet Paul Choudary, Molly Schwartz

Session host: Riikka Kämppi

Description: Data is the most valuable asset in today’s economic landscape. Data enables orchestration of market interactions as well as creation of learning assets that can transform organizational processes and firm competitiveness. Yet, data is harvested from individual labor and serves as a control mechanism over the very individual users and workers who produce it. Data is also increasingly a geopolitical tool, harvested from data-laggard countries and concentrating value with countries with strong AI prowess.

In this session, Molly Schwartz will chat with Sangeet Paul Choudary – best-selling author of Platform Revolution and Platform Scale and founder of Platformation Labs – unpacks the ethics and economics of data. Drawing on rich experience ranging from Sangeet’s board-level advisory at Fortune 500 firms to his research experience with the ILO’s Future of Work Commission and the Brookings Institution, this chat will identify the various considerations that emerge around data in the platform economy.

Session recording and presentations below