Not owned, then what?

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Gaspar Pisanu


Session Room 16


22:45 - 00:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec






Presenter: Sara Collins, Rafael Zanatta

Session host: Gaspar Pisanu

Goal: Understanding the different interpretations of ownership across regions and trying to define the best legal framework to allow a data-driven economy while protecting rights holders.

Description: The concept of “data ownership” is being discussed globally. Most civil society organizations, academics and legal practitioners agree that data cannot be owned and that people should always remain in control of their data and that companies and state actors must process as little personal data as needed to provide their products and services. To archive this, we still need to define the legal nature of data in order to understand the legal framework in which data-driven economies can exist while protecting rights holders.

We must consider that a “one-fits-all” global answer might not be possible. Legal tradition and systems, jurisprudence and doctrine vary from one region to another. In this session we invite representatives from different parts of the world to assist and express their vision and understanding about how data can be legally framed according to their understanding of rights and law.