Interoperability between certifications

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Kristina Yasuda


Session Room 1


06:45 - 08:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec






Presenters: Nat SakimuraAntti “Jogi” Poikola

Session host: Kristina Yasuda

Goal: This session will explore approaches to ensure that the MyData Operator Award and the certification for Information Bank in Japan are mutually beneficial and work together to refine their respective systems as well as learning about the differences and similarities between MyData Operator and Information Bank in Japan.
This session will also provide hints to government officials and bodies that have a plan to establish their own similar certification system to consider interoperability with MyData Operator and other certifications such as Information Bank in Japan even before they are established.

Description: Information bank in Japan is quite similar to MyData Operator, with the aim of empowering individuals by increasing effective controllability and promoting the use of personal data for not only for business but for individuals and society.

Of course, a global company that deals with personal data and has the plan to get both Information Bank certification and MyData Operator Award will have to go through two different procedures. However, there is a concern that the duplication of procedures may lead to the abandonment of one of them or the failure to get the certification/award due to different explanations of similar requirements.
ITrenmei and the MyData Organization discuss whether it is possible to have interoperability between the certification and the award to simplify the process.

Showing the relationship between international standards such as ISO and the certification/award requirements, ITrenmei and MyData Organization will discuss whether it is possible to have interoperability between certifications and awards in order to simplify the process.