Tomaz Levak

Managing director, Trace Labs Ltd

After managing multiple projects in the Middle East towards the end of his studies, Tomaž co-founded Trace Labs with the ambition to utilise novel technologies to address challenges in the food industry, leading to the creation of OriginTrail. Together with the team, over the years, he helped make OriginTrail technologies more robust and expanded its applicability beyond just food – to all supply chains.

In his daily work, Tomaz focuses on strategy, hands-on business development and forming partnerships across Europe, the US and Asia (e.g. BSI, GS1, Oracle). He is a frequent speaker at international events on the topics of building end-to-end supply chain visibility with trusted data exchanges and enterprise adoption of decentralised, blockchain-based, technologies.

Tomaz Levak can be seen in:

Info Event – NGI DAPSI, Data Porta... Info Event
08:15-08:45 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec