Sven Pletinckx

Program manager, Flanders Information Agency

Sven Pletinckx has worked for the Flemish government since 2003 and is now Program Manager of the Crossroads Bank Flanders program, a data sharing platform which provides one common service-oriented data exchange infrastructure.

With the Crossroads Bank Flanders program, the Flanders Information Agency is shaping the Flemish government data ecosystem of the future. To this end, we work together with all parties who need information from the government or who have information available to the government. This includes local, regional and federal governments as well as partners in the private sector.

The core of the program is formed by a modular digital platform including the “MAGDA” data sharing platform for personal data and the Geographic Data Infrastructure. Crossroads Bank Flanders also offers smart services. All three platforms together are responsible for nearly 4 billion data transaction annually.

Crossroads Bank Flanders is the driving “data” force for projects like the low emission zone of Antwerp and Ghent, the payment of the growth package to all families with children and makes it possible to allocate rights/subsidies automatically.

Through the principle “Only once – don’t ask what you already know” we contribute to a better service of all government agencies towards both citizens and businesses.

Flanders Information Agency

Crossroads Bank Flanders program

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