Pieter Colpaert

Post-doctoral researcher, IDLab – Ghent University – imec

Pieter Colpaert is a postdoctoral researcher at IDLab – Ghent University – imec, born in the year the Web was invented. He holds a master degree in engineering from Ghent University since 2012 and a PhD from the same university since 2017.

He cofounded a not for profit organisation to promote Open Knowledge in Belgium and has been active as a volunteer for the iRail project which opens op mobility data in Belgium. At Ghent University he now leads a research team in the team of professor Ruben Verborgh on Linked Open Data Interfaces, connecting open data interfaces with personal data pods.


Pieter Colpaert can be seen in:

Mobility as a Service: How to co-create ... Session Room 11
14:45-16:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec