My name is Päivi Penkkala. I work for the City of Turku as a program manager.

Last year I participated for the first time in MyData conference, although I had followed the subject already before. I was very impressed by the discussions and the atmosphere at the conference. That’s why I feel very modest to take a part in MyData and urban AI -Roundtable discussion on Friday.

With the help of data, we are in the City of Turku developing a comprehensive customer and service management operating model that allows customers to receive targeted and timely services that are just right for them. Achieving this will require a change in processes, systems and operations.

By collecting, combining and analyzing data, we will better find out customers’ needs and wishes. We will standardize the ways of processing customer data at the city level, taking account of data protection requirements and ethical use.

We have just started to build this model described above. As you can notice, customer data is in a crucial role in this new way of thinking the role of the city. We must figure out how to use this asset in the best and most ethically sustainable way. In this work we need the best wisdom and co-operation. That’s why I’m here and openly asking for good advice.

Päivi Penkkala can be seen in:

MyData and Urban AI Session Room 4
08:45-10:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec