Moira Schieke

CEO & Founder, Cubismi, Inc.

I am a digital health innovator, cancer imaging and MRI expert, board-certified clinical radiologist, inventor of “5D” medical imaging, and Founder/CEO of Cubismi. I am a passionate advocate for patient rights and for breaking down legacy barriers to improved care.

As a business owner, my focus is on advancing medical imaging technology through big data learning and revolutionary user interfaces. I have a unique perspective as a practicing radiologist that gives me powerful insights into how a revolutionary new medical imaging paradigm can empower physicians’ decision making and lead to improved patient outcomes.

I am also a lover of the fine arts, an accomplished professional artist, and a figure painter.

Moira Schieke can be seen in:

Connecting the Dots on Health Data Shari... Session Room 19
22:45-00:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec