Mikko Lampi

Programme steward, Chief Business Development Officer at Metatavu oy

Mikko is a man on a mission to create a better business and future with software, design, and data. He is working as a chief business development officer (CBDO) at a Finnish software company Metatavu; a company that believes software business should be fair.

He is a passionate technologist with eye for business, people, and society – and a long-time MyData enthusiast. Mikko has been involved with MyData in one way or another since 2014 and participated in each MyData conference and volunteered in this and the previous two conferences.

Mikko has a background in software engineering and academic studies in information systems science and business. His interests and experience include software business and development, research and development, digital and open innovation systems, digital platforms, service design, and all things data. His heart beats for hackers and makers of all kinds, good sci-fi and futures thinking, and complex strategy games.