Miguel Gonçalves

EU Projects Manager, F6S

Miguel Gonçalves (m), has a degree in Economics and a postgraduation on Tax and Financial Management of Companies from the University of Coimbra. As a student and driven by a strong interest in entrepreneurship and innovation, he co-founded a junior enterprise association called JEEFEUC. After graduation, Miguel worked 10 years at the Technology Transfer Office of the University of Coimbra, as a project manager and business developer, fostering the creation of high-tech spin-offs and connecting academia with industry. Mainly responsible for activities such as grant writing, financial and operational management, network administration, performance measurement and entrepreneurship education. During this period, he was the executive project manager of the award-winning programme called INOV C whose goal was to boost the Regional Innovation Ecosystem of the Centro Region of Portugal with a €50M budget.

In 2017 he added to his responsibilities the coordination the Explorer Programme, a business idea accelerator, which joined in Coimbra more than 500 young entrepreneurs. Those activities allowed him to build strong relationships with R&D centres, universities, incubators, scientific parks, municipalities, business angels, venture capitalists, technology-based companies and clusters. Today, Miguel uses his network and his project management, tech-transfer and entrepreneurial skills to help founders grow at F6S.

Miguel Gonçalves can be seen in:

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