Mieke van Schaik works for the Municipality of Eindhoven as strategic advisor CIO for the domains Smart Society, Safety and Public Space and Sector Strategy.

Where CIO usually primarily focuses on providing stability and continuity in business operations, she focuses more on uniformity and standardizing of processes and data, on the basis of which innovation and business transformation makes the (digital) future of the organization possible. She oversees the development of Digitalization and Innovation activities in and of the city. Experimenting with new technology and new methods yields a wealth of experiences, which is part of the innovation process. Here Mieke seeks cooperation on the basis of social issues. This approach creates the possibility to easily implement digital technology in the organization and have it linked to the assignment. Her responsibilities include developing a strategic perspective on the subject, advising the management on relevant matters and connecting various initiatives together inside and outside of the municipality organization. And Mieke is in het Municipality of Eindhoven the pioneer of the data strategy from innovation.

Mieke van Schaik can be seen in:

Empowering Citizens: MyData for Public S... Session Room 8
14:45-16:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec