Linda VanHorn

iShare Medical, President/CEO

Linda Van Horn, BS, MBA is a serial entrepreneurial and health IT expert. Ms. Van Horn is the Founder of iShare Medical. iShare Medical is the trusted online platform for securing, sharing, and sending medical records among patients, providers, and payers. iShare Medical uses the Public Key Infrastructure X.509 Certificates bound to a persons’ authenticated identity to create an iShareID digital trust credential that is used throughout the US healthcare system.

iShare Medical is EHNAC Accredited for HIPAA Privacy and Security, a DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor HISP, and one of only three companies that has achieved EHNAC Accreditation as a TNAP-QHIN. Ms. Van Horn currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors of DirectTrust and is a voting member of three ANSI Standard Development Organizations for the Direct Standard, Trusted Instant Messaging Standard, and the Notifications Standard.

Her prior experience includes Founder of 21st Century Edge a leading-edge healthcare management consulting firm, Co-Founder of The Pain Institute, a physician practice with 22 locations in two States, and Senior Manager in IT Consulting at Deloitte.

Ms. Van Horn has a BS in Computer Science and MBA from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

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