Junseok Kang

Senior Manager, Fujitsu Korea Ltd

Hello, I’m Junseok Kang, working in Digital Solution Division of Fujitsu Korea Limited. I’m in charge of developing the new business models in the company. In particular, I have focused on developing Data Business, especially including My Data with Personium, and 5G Business businesses.

I started my career as a Sales Engineer at Microwave SDH/SONET Transmission Technology and have various experiences in SI solution business including video wireless transmission, network and computing technologies.
And, with the kind introduction of Siu, Dixon of MyData Global, I’d like to participate in this conference and have continued to interact with Dixon Siu and Chris Lee.

This conference is my first time to participate, so I hope you understand and cooperate with me.
Thank you.

Junseok Kang

Junseok Kang can be seen in:

MyData Strategy of Global Enterprises Session Room 5
08:45-10:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec