Johanna Ylipulli

Academy Research Fellow, Aalto University

I work as an Academy Research Fellow at the Aalto University, at the department of computer science, where I lead the project Digital Inequality in Smart Cities (DISC) 2020-2025. My interests revolve around urban futures, emerging technologies and participatory and speculative approaches to design. My background is in cultural anthropology but my current work mostly falls under the rubric of design anthropology. I have always been between disciplines and collaborated extensively with designers and engineers. Transdisciplinarity, referring here to collaboration with non-academic partners, has also been a central part of my work.

I’m driven by the firm belief that ethnography and anthropology provide perspectives which can help us to create more sustainable, versatile and socially inclusive (urban) futures. This requires reaching out of disciplinary and institutional silos.

Johanna Ylipulli can be seen in:

MyData and Urban AI Session Room 4
08:45-10:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec