Jessica Montgomery

University of Cambridge, Executive Director, Accelerate Science

Jessica is Executive Director of the Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery, a new initiative using machine learning to tackle scientific challenges. She is also Director of the Data Trusts Initiative, a project tackling the actions needed to create trustworthy data governance institutions.

Her interests in AI and its consequences for science and society stem from her policy career, in which she worked with parliamentarians, leading researchers and civil society organisations to bring scientific evidence to bear on major policy issues. At the Royal Society, Jessica established and led a wide-ranging programme of policy development, public dialogue and international engagement that explored the frontiers of AI technologies and their implications for society. She worked with senior researchers, policymakers, civil society and industry to identify emerging policy needs and develop policy frameworks to enable safe and rapid deployment of these technologies. In her prior role as a Senior Clerk at the House of Commons, Jessica advised MPs on parliamentary procedure and practice. While advising a number of select committees – including Transport; Business, Innovation, and Skills; Regulatory Reform; and Science and Technology – Jessica managed inquiries into a range of science and policy issues, bringing evidence into the heart of political decision-making.

Jessica Montgomery can be seen in:

Data stewardship for people and society Session Room 4
08:45-10:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec