Jeongwook Hwang

Managing Director, 4valuesoft

○ Web Cash (2005.03~2014.09)
-ERP consulting and operation management
-Planning and management of financial websites and APPs
○ Gwangju Bank (2016.01~2020.03)
-General management of bank APP service planning
-Smart banking, non-face-to-face loan, AI chatbot, personalized marketing system, mobile web non-face-to-face service, etc.
○ 4valuesoft (2020.01~present)
-Overall management of open API and MyData planning

MyData in Korea is now in the starting stage, and it is a company that is interested in the financial sector industry and is participating with banks with an interest in building an ecosystem.

We are developing a platform that provides and collects MyData (personal information).

It is also a member of MyData Global and Korea Hub.

Jeongwook Hwang can be seen in:

Personal Data Store Inter-Operability Session Room 13
16:45-18:15 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec