Giovanni Rimassa

Digital for Planet, Vice President

Dr. Giovanni Rimassa is Vice-president of the Digital for Planet non-profit Association, growing a strong network to develop and adopt digital technologies that respect the sustainability of the Earth and that are beneficial to society.

Giovanni’s steady commitment to innovation resulted in a 20 year professional path between academia and industry, with more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and several research projects within national and European programmes.
On the ICT industry’s side, he was first a co-founder of Frametech srl and then moved on to Whitestein Technologies AG, where he served for 15 years as senior researcher and product manager for intelligent, autonomic, and goal-oriented software products in business process management, wealth banking, insurance, and other domains.

Giovanni feels personally driven towards global, holistic themes where technology is an element within dynamic social and ethical contexts. First among them are achieving climate neutrality and environmental sustainability by managing complex social and technical systems such as smart cities.

Giovanni holds a Ph.D. in Information Engineering from Università di Parma, obtained with a Thesis titled “Runtime Support for Distributed Multi-Agent Systems”, detailing his research and engineering contribution to the JADE Open Source middleware for multi-agent s

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