Claudia Juech

CEO, Cloudera Foundation

Claudia Juech is the founding CEO and a board member of the Cloudera Foundation, based in Silicon Valley. Working with partners around the globe, she and her team identify and support large-scale, data-driven opportunities to address the world’s pressing challenges in any area of critical need, such as in health, the environment, economic inequality, education and more. She is pioneering a foundation model that combines intellectual capital and private sector expertise with financial grants to help nonprofits realize impactful data capabilities.

Previously Claudia was Associate Vice President at the Rockefeller Foundation, leading the organization’s Strategic Insights Division. Claudia also was a Vice President at DB Research, Deutsche Bank’s think tank for trends in business, society, and the financial markets.

Claudia advises organizations and consortiums worldwide. She is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Trustworthy Data Initiative, GovLab’s Global Advisory Group, Radiant Earth Foundation’s Board of Directors, and 100Kin10’s Strategic Advisory Committee. She has a degree in information science from Cologne University of Applied Sciences and an International MBA from the University of Cologne.

Claudia Juech can be seen in:

Data Collaboration in the Age of COVID-1... Session Room 18
22:45-00:15 UTC+0 | Thursday 10 Dec