Christopher Hempel

Senior InfoSec Technical Consultant, esatus AG

As an enthusiastic and convinced IT specialist, Christopher Hempel is equally adept at future-oriented, up-to-date and classic computer systems. He leads the blockchain development of esatus AG and implements identity prototypes based on Sovrin and Ethereum. He is responsible for the administration of the DLT node for the self-sovereign identity network “Sovrin”, where esatus AG is one of the founding stewards. He is also involved in building a European SSI network (IDunion Network) based on Hyperledger Indy. With his profound technical skills and experience he leads the development of the SSI Wallet App by esatus AG based on Hyperledger Aries.

He shares the blockchain know-how of esatus AG in various lectures and conferences (e.g. “Blockchain vs. PKI – Symbiosis possible?” held at the TeleTrusT Information Day and in publications (e.g. “Identity & Access per Blockchain” in the German Information Security Journal “<kes>”).

Christopher Hempel completed his studies of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. During his bachelor thesis, he designed and implemented a virtualized test and development environment for software solutions in the information security area.