Chloe Diamond

CMO, Swash

Chloe is the CMO of Swash, a browser plugin that lets users earn money from the value of their data as they surf the web.

Swash aims to rebalance the data economy by giving more to everyday internet users. It makes it possible to crowdsource and crowdsell data in a transparent and unobtrusive way, so users can easily profit from the value they generate as they surf the web.

Chloe joined Swash earlier this year to lead marketing efforts and raise awareness around Swash, grow the community, and start conversations around the future of the data economy.

She has been working as a content and digital marketing specialist for over 6 years, focused on blockchain, technology, and digital art. She believes in making technology work for people, not the other way round.

Based out of Oxford, UK, Chloe holds a BA in History of Art and Curating from Birkbeck, University of London where she focused her research on the role of blockchain and data in digital art.

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