Arttu Huhtiniemi

Sr. Data Strategist, DAIN Studios Oy

Arttu is a Data Strategist at DAIN Studios, a Data & AI & Insights consultancy.

He has 20+ years in financial services, consulting and product management. He has spent last few years focusing on data use cases and data strategies for organizations.

In his pitch Arttu talks about Checkpipe. Checkpipe is a DAIN Studios internally developed data quality tool, that was selected and boosted by NGI DAPSI program in summer 2020. The vision of Checkpipe is to improve transparency in the society by raising trust in data. The goal of Checkpipe is to educate and empower companies by creating best practices and providing efficient and automated tools for data documentation, testing and monitoring.

Arttu believes that data is key to innovation and the wide se of personal data is key in creating scalable data ecosystems. The use of personal data requires resonsibility from businesses and progressive thinking from governments, to make use of data acceptable and scalable.

Arttu Huhtiniemi can be seen in:

Info Event – NGI DAPSI, Data Porta... Info Event
08:15-08:45 UTC+0 | Friday 11 Dec