Anouk Ruhaak

Fellowship, Mozilla

Anouk Ruhaak’s work focuses on data governance design. As a Mozilla Fellow, embedded with AlgorithmWatch, she researches and pilots data commons and data trusts. Moreover, over the last years, she has raised awareness around the need for collective decision-making about both personal and non-personal data, in an effort to move the conversation beyond a strict focus on individual privacy and consent.

Before joining Mozilla, Anouk worked as a data governance consultant and investigative journalist, with a focus on surveillance and privacy. Before that, she worked as a software developer with various startups in Berlin and San Francisco and as an economic analyst with Rabobank.

Outside her work on data governance, Anouk founded multiple communities in the tech space. She currently runs Radical Engineers, an organisation that links volunteer developers to projects that seek to structurally improve economic and social systems.

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